Power of Three

2009-05-24 20:49:46 by Manakidleade

I got in a team with these two since their musician quit, I wonder who'll get Evil-Dog on their team.
/waits for Tom to update PoT page.

http://up2share.com/view/15797 New music!

Roblox Link

2009-04-21 22:36:44 by Manakidleade

I'd do this for 3 Roblox Tix a day :3.

Edit, medal links!
http://www.newgrounds.com/game/gameswi thmedals

Free Games at ROBLOX. Check out what I have been building lately!

Roblox Link

Tor: My newest music.

2009-03-14 22:14:59 by Manakidleade

I've been hard at work with a flash, but I added a new music piece named Tor. I hope it's widely accepted, but i've been hard at work getting ALL the drum and guitar parts downpat. I hope you like it! At the time of this post, my music was still waiting approval but here's the link. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /220962

My guild leader also made a video with these tunes, and if you've heard this song, it is from my Indie game: Iji.

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Mabinogi: Pioneers of Iria

2009-03-02 20:32:14 by Manakidleade

So a game you may or may not have heard of. Well, you probably have from the site's adds. Mabinogi, a good game once you get into it. If you've played it before you'll be happy to hear almost all of their content is free now. They have new continents and races, so it is a helluva lot better. This is'nt an add, but this game is pretty good.

Mabinogi: Pioneers of Iria